Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Mar Lodge Estate


Mar Lodge Estate is located in the heart of the Cairngorms of Scotland, with the Lodge five miles to the west of Braemar. The estate covers 29,340 hectares (72,500 acres) of some of the most remote and scenic wild land in Scotland, including four of the five highest mountains in the UK. The estate, now owned and managed by the National Trust for Scotland is recognised as one of the most important nature conservation landscapes in the British Isles and occupies nearly 8% of the Cairngorms National Park.


  1. I love the Mar Lodge Estate. There's a car park near the Lin of Dee where you can wild camp. It's on my bucket list for Absinthe.

  2. This is definitely somewhere I want to explore more of Martin. I am surprised you can wild camp there though as its managed by Scottish National Trust.